Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Night Out With Daddy

The SPCO was giving a free concert to military families and we thought it would be a wonderful way for the kids to experience an orchestra. So last night David attended the concert with Gemma and Spencer. We decided it would be best for me to stay home with Gianna since her attention span is about 30 seconds long at this point!

Here is the family before they left for the show...Gianna refused to look at me!

The kids insisted on a silly face picture. (Gemma is suppose to be a reindeer.)

Here are the kids at the concert. It started 30 minutes late because the conductor was stuck in traffic due to the snow last night. Overall, David said the kids enjoyed it. They were bored at times, but said they would really like to go again!

On a side note, this photo would be great for our Christmas card....if only Gianna were in it!!!