Friday, June 29, 2012

Last Day of VBS

Gianna had a great week at VBS.  Each day she would come home telling me about the lesson of the day.  She would also bring home a cute craft.  But the high-light was "The Coconut Cafe".  Everyday the children would meet in the cafeteria and have a snack.

For the final day, the children performed several songs.  However, Gianna just stood with the group.  She didn't look scared, but she didn't really seem to want to be in front of everyone.  I was just proud that she didn't come running to me!  I did video the first song, but after I realized she wasn't participating, I figured there was no point in recording more.

After the group performed we were invited for an ice cream social.  I'm so glad Gianna's first experience at VBS was a good one!

I should note, Spencer was with us, but as usual he refuses photos.  : (

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