Saturday, June 16, 2012

Coffee House

This evening, we went to a local coffee house to watch David's niece, Jackie perform.  She's an extremely talented singer and songwriter.  

While we were listening to Jackie and her guitar teacher play, Gianna and I took pictures.

Spencer and Gemma decided to play chess.  

David and I pretended we were on a date while the kids were entertaining themselves.

The cool thing about the evening...ever since Gemma saw Taylor Swift in concert, she's talked about playing guitar.  She even got one for Christmas.  Well, we talked to Jackie's teacher about lessons and we're going to see him in a few days!  Gemma's really excited. 

As we were walking out of the coffee shop, I saw this bench and thought it would be a cute for a photo.  After the children rolled their eyes at me, they agreed to hope on for a photo.  : )

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