Friday, January 21, 2011

Pinewood Derby Races

Since Spencer joined Boy-scouts in September, he has repeatedly talked about participating in the Pinewood Derby Races. This has actually been on his mind since watching Joshua race last year!

Tonight was his night. David and Spencer worked on his car for the past month. It started out as a block of wood and was transformed into a racing machine! I should note, David also helped Joshua and Gemma (siblings are allowed to race) build cars too.

And here is Spencer accepting his trophy for 1st place!!! After five races - he was undefeated!
I love this photo - after Spencer received his trophy, he immediately extended his hand! His Pack-leader wasn't expecting it!
Here are David and the boys with the cars. The car that David is holding was for Gemma - however it was disqualified the night before during the check-in process. Unfortunately it wasn't something that could be easily fixed so Gemma ended up racing Joshua's car from last year!
My boys!
Word is - since he won his Packs race, he now gets to race in the District races!

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