Saturday, July 7, 2012


David and I had a double-date that I will NEVER forget.  So when coming up with ideas of what to do, I said "surprise me"......little did I know how surprised I would be.  

First we had a very nice dinner (thanks C&D for treating us!) and then it was on to the surprise.  David had told Chris and Dominick ahead of time, so I was the only one in the dark.  

Imagine my "surprise" when we pulled into the parking lot and I saw this sign.  I was speechless.  

This is my "really?" face.  David looks rather pleased with himself - clearly he hadn't thought about the potential of sleeping on the couch at this point.  :)

Unfortunately, they only sold beer and soda.  I really needed a drink, but I quickly realized I would have to watch wrestling while completely sober.

I then decided to take the "When in Rome" attitude.  During half-time / intermission or what ever the heck it's called, the wrestlers came out to take photos and sign autographs.  I didn't care about autographs, but I thought it would be a fun/good way to document the evening.  And yes, I know I look ridiculous (and possibly Asian), but I couldn't get over the fact that I was posing with a nearly naked man (that wasn't my husband!) and had less body hair than me.

I kinda got over the nearly naked thing.  Actually, this guy actually put shorts on over his wrestling undies.  Thank goodness!

I don't know what this is about, but Chris and I were enjoying ourselves at this point.  Or maybe someone asked to see my tonsils, I can't remember.

Group shot.  David had the camera and cut his own face out.  We always have fun with C&D, even if the fun is at my expense!

Not a great photo of us, but it was better than the first of us taken at the event!  At least I'm smiling!  :)

But once we got outside, I let David know how I felt about the surprise date!  Just kidding.  Yes it was a surprise and one that I would have never guessed.  But we still had fun - and I can cross attending a pro-wrestling event off of my bucket list!  Oh wait, it was NEVER on the list!

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