Sunday, April 29, 2012

Slumber Party!!!

I survived Gemma's first slumber party!  There were originally going to be three friends, but one was going out of town for the weekend.  So it was just me,Gemma and two of her besties.  Spencer was spending the night with Joshua and Gianna was with my mom!

We started out our evening swimming at the Y (I ran 2 miles while they swam) and then we picked up Subway on the way home.  And for dessert - ICE CREAM CAKE!

The girls stayed entertained with Just Dance on the Wii, doing their nails, other random girlie things and watching movies.  At 2am, I could barely keep my eyes open and told them it was time for bed.  I was asleep within minutes and didn't hear from them until 9am - I of course was awake by 7am!

The girls had fun and I would be willing to do it again - though, I'd like to wait until her next birthday!  I need to catch up on my sleep!

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